Historical Happenings

I love History. I loved it so much that I majored in American History at the University of Puget Sound (1979). Here are my historical blog posts. Enjoy!

The Dionne Quintuplets – The story of the first set of identical quintuplets to survive to adulthood. (May 28)

1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition – The story of the ice cream cone (April 30)

Diary of a Young Girl – The story of Anne Frank (March 12)

The Grand Canyon – Our 17th National Park turned one hundred in 2019 (February 26)

When the Saints Go March In – All about Saint Barbara! (Dec. 4)

A Blast From the Past –  1980 Mt. St. Helens awakens! (March 27)

A Royal Mystery Solved – What really happened to Anastasia

Soaring High in a Hot Air Balloon  A brief history of its French roots (Nov. 21)

The Tale of Galloping Gertie – Bridges in Washington State have had a difficult time. (Nov. 7)

The Beard Tax – In the world of weird history, this one makes the cut. (Sept. 5)

Hernando de Soto vs. The Crimson Tide – Don’t ever mess with Alabama. (May 30)

Thar’s Gold In Them There Hills – A very brief look at Sutter’s Mill (Jan. 24)