My Hometown

I’ve lived in a number of places. Whether it’s where I grew up or where I live now… these are stories and people from the places I’ve called home.

1916 Rose BowlRose Bowl Roses!

Sure, it’s over a thousand miles to Pasadena from Seattle. But the UW and WSU have a long history with the Rose Bowl.

GE F-96  … Like A Song on The Radio

A teenagers lifeline in the 1970’s.

hummingbird 2011 003Hummingbirds!

A visual feast every April.

9th and James 1916 snowstormOne Hundred Plus Three

It was the snowiest 24 hours in Seattle history.

return of the geese

Snow Geese in the Skagit Valley

Every winter some 5 million birds arrive here. It’s a breathtaking spectacle… if you can find the birds in a prime viewing spot.


Glacier Peak

Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s an active volcano!

Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks

 Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon  

Yakima’s most famous son and high school classmate.

…Seattle’s World Fair 1962

And the world did come to Seattle in 1962 !

Mt. St. Helens March 1980March 27, 1980

The day Mount St. Helen’s awoke.

…Daffodil Days in Mount Vernon

Perhaps not as popular as the tulips but just as impressive.

1981 Microsoft photo

   Paul Allen

   Lesser known than Bill Gates but the Microsoft co-founder had a huge impact on the Pacific Northwest.

…Meet The Neighbors

My deer friends sometimes have caused me grief over the years.

George Washington

The ‘other’ Washington

The confusion continues.