Geeky Musings

Welcome to the page where, absent me knowing where else to publish a particular blog, you will find my musings about random things. Lot’s of natural phenomenon and other weird stuff out here. Enjoy!

“I’m Going to Thread the Needle”

  • A harrowing Mother’s Day in tornado alley.

To the Bat Cave

  • Move over Batman and Robin. There’s a real bat cave one can visit.

The Rules of Easter

  • Full Moon. Vernal Equinox. Gregorian Calendar. Julian Calendar. It’s all so confusing!

Hedonic Escalation

  • It’s the perfect combination and when you eat it you always want more.

Jigsaw Puzzles!

  • One of the best ways to wile away a winter’s day.

Winter Solstice

  • The darkest days in the northern Hemisphere occur on December 21st and 22nd annually.

How Do YOU celebrate?

  • The most popular days for People to be born… have to do with Christmas

Paricutin Pyroclastics –

  • An amazing story of a volcano which grew to over 1300 feet in two short years.

Tsunami! – 

  • Watching these videos still strikes fear in my heart.

Invasion of the Terranauts –

  • An experiment in living in a closed system

Total Eclipse of the Sun

  • A very cool event (August 22)

It’s your Lucky Penny Day!

  • The humble coin was first minted in 1793

What The Heck Is Beltane?

  • A celebration of spring cleaning

A device I can’t live without

  • One of the top inventions ever… the magic table!

National Cleaning Week

  • Everyone should have a lazy housekeeper! (March 24)

The ever so Geeky Palm Pilot

  • Versus the good old fashioned paper calendar! (March 10)

A planet or a moon?

  • Poor Pluto… hit back and forth like a ping pong ball (February 18)

Back To School

  • An annual event which invokes terror in millions of children