It’s A Hullabaloo!

April 11, 2017

HullabalooLast week I shared the amazing feat of the Beatles and their five songs at number one through five on April 4, 1964. Well this week we are going to go forward two years to April 11, 1966. It was on this date that the last episode of the TV program ‘Hullabaloo’ aired. What? You’ve never heard of Hullabaloo? Neither had I but here’s what I learned:

The program started in January 1965 and lasted just over a year. The premise was to take the top pop acts of the day and give them a showcase as though they were playing in a Go-Go club. I can guaran-darn-tee that my mother would have had that TV off in a heartbeat if this program came on. Of course my mother also banned us kids from seeing Gunsmoke and the Monkees (which, ironically, was the show that took over the time slot vacated by Hullabaloo).  Dancing like this, as a friend of mine commented recently, was not tolerated unless you were ‘that kind of girl.’  In some ways my mother was a feminist in that she objected to women being judged upon their looks and their bodies and certainly would have found this display quite inappropriate.

So what do people think? I await your reactions and to find out if any of you ever actually saw this program back when it aired live.

For more information about Hullabaloo check out the infallible Wikipedia:

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