Tuesday Newsday

Do you enjoy these stories? As of June 8, 2022 there have been 269 posted here.

At times I look at this body of musings and marvel that I’ve been posting one a week for over five years now. As you might imagine, it does take some planning and contemplation to come up with a new and interesting (well, at least to me!) topic each week. Which is what I was researching this afternoon when I hit on a topic that strikes at a problem I will encounter in less than a year.

When I began I did not count on the issue of Leap Year… and the fact that there will be some dates which never fall on a Tuesday and others which will ‘duplicate’ dates for which I’ve already written something

What to do, what to do? I have some ideas but ultimately one of my goals is to have an article for every calendar day of the year. So only 94 more to achieve the goal.

tuesday newsday cartoon

Cartoon by Cherdo of the Flipside. http://www.cherdoontheflipside.com/

One thought on “Tuesday Newsday

  1. Ahh, I think you might think a bit more on the age thing. I was thinking more 8 to 28. That or my husband was a “cradle robber”! Well, he is 7 years older and I accused him of that over the last 51 years. Yes, I watched the Monkees and loved it!


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