No doubt you probably will need to be of a ‘certain’ age to get this one. But I thought it was funny. And if you’ve ever seen the Plymouth Rock you will know that it’s really not very impressive! Plus, the time I saw it they kept it in a cage. I think they were afraid it might escape.

Pilgrims land on plymouth rock (2)

One of my favorite days is November 5. Why? Because that was the day Marty ‘went back to the future!’ So here’s a couple of puny memes for your enjoyment!

Back to the FuschiaAnnual meeting of time travelers

Sometimes I wonder how I missed something as wonderful as the O. Henry Pun-Off World championships. I, of course, an an amateur where puns are concerned. And although I enjoy a fine repartee with words occasionally, these folks would skewer me in mere moments. Enjoy!

fencing job

A short video about puns:


Link to an article about the author’s participation in the O. Henry competition:


And, finally, a link to Pundamonium so you can find an event:



Does anyone else find it alarming when the people who create the course catalogs make these sorts of mistakes? Even worse is the thought that the person teaching the course might have done it…

Gramar refresher

Once again all the younger kids have headed back to school. But apparently some who have ( ostensibly) graduated high school and are embarking upon institutes of higher learning might need to take a few remedial spelling courses!

goin to collage

It’s still Sunday (at least on the west coast!) so that mean’s it’s Pun-Day. And although the equinox is not until September 22nd, September 1st is considered the start of Meteorological Autumn. So it may still be hot but, not alas, for long.

Humpty dumpty

In case you were living in a cave in Australia last Monday you probably either witnessed or saw countless photos and videos of The Great American Eclipse of 2017 (TM). This fun play on words fits the theme of the week!

dawned on me

A little Independence Day pun! I know all you American History buffs will appreciate this one.

Nobody brought a Penn

Summer started a few days ago… and it’s hit with a vengeance. 100 degrees where I am today!  If you are out catching the rays be sure to watch yourself so you don’t end up on a random one of these.


For all you guys out there… thanks for being able to fix my car when it has a problem! And happy Father’s Day too!

Men shouldn't write advice columns

In honor of teachers everywhere… thank goodness they get a break from the kids for a month or two or many, many more would snap!June 11 2017 When english teachers snap

As if!

Irony for idiots

My original pet peeve. Admit it, you know what I speak of.

Cartoon May 21 Pun-day

I love plays on words and any cartoon or meme that highlights the writer’s life. Welcome to my Pun-day page!